Direct Services

One-to-One Services

An Behavior Technician (BT) works one-to-one with an individual to teach targeted skills which have been identified through a comprehensive or focused behavioral assessment. The BT utilizes the concepts and principles of ABA to target pivotal skills required to increase independence and promote generalization. Each BT is directly supervised by a BCBA. Direct services can be provided in home and/or in the community.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are provided to groups of children with autism to work on increasing appropriate social skills. Each group focuses on one of the main categories of social skills such as cooperation, responsibility, empathy, and coping.

Parent Training Services

Individual family training

The family receives services more specific to the individual family's needs such as specific behavior plans and strategies.

Family workshops

Parents and family members meet with other families to learn about common issues such as potty training and functional communication training. Each parent workshop is facilitated by a BCBA.

telehealth video consultation

Parents and caregivers are able to join our TeleHealth services to meet with a BCBA through video chat. These services are designed for an individual family and cover the same broad range of topics and concerns as our in-person individual parent training services. TeleMedicine services can be accessed anywhere in the world through your web browser.

Consultation Services

Provider consultation

Consultation services are provided directly to parents, caregivers, school personnel, and community members. Consultation services focus on teaching necessary ABA skills to caregivers and professionals to improve the effectiveness and generality of pre-established behavior change procedures. All consultation services are provided by a BCBA. Consultation services can occur in home, in school, and/or in the community.